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Crossing the Chasm: Case Studies

Thursday, November 21st 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Presented by UK OTC

Following up from the Crossing the Chasm (CTC) workshop earlier in the week, this Case Studies event will feature candid conversation with three Lexington entrepreneurs that are applying Crossing the Chasm principals in their startups. 

Join us online via Zoom for this unique event. 


  • David Goodnight: David will share his experiences from Jacobs Automation, where he leveraged CTC principals to guide the exit to Rockwell Automation.

  • Eric Hauck: Eric will share his CTC-derived strategic plan for MEP Equine Solution, which aims to leverage early traction in key market segments to facilitate a future exit. 

  • Randall Stevens: Randall will share his "ripped from CTC" techniques from AVAIL for managing relationships with his Innovation stage customer segment.


Online, via Zoom 




No RSVP Required