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Perfect Your Pitch: Design Edition

Wednesday, November 20th 12:00pm

Presented by UK OTC and Base 110

Perfect Your Pitch is designed to give you the opportunity to practice a pitch before an event, investor meeting, client meeting or just for the experience. For GEW, Perfect Your Pitch will start with a brief but informative presentation on the basic design elements you should keep in mind when creating your pitch deck.


Design Fundamentals for a Pitch Deck

Meredith Moore, Founder, Cultivated Creature & Shift  

About Perfect Your Pitch

'Perfect Your Pitch' is a bi-weekly online meetup where startup companies can practice pitching their businesses to members of the Lexington Entrepreneurship Community along with the opportunity to receive feedback from member of the University of Kentucky Office of Technology Commercialization.


The event is held on "Zoom", a free-to-use online video conferencing platform. Anyone is free to join and listen in.


Online Meeting

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